First, check the English sumo schedule to determine the exact dates of the Osaka tournament. It’s held from the second Sunday in March to the last Sunday in March. Facing the stadium, walk to your right and you will find the line for same-day tickets on the right side of the stadium. Truly Bisexual duos available with my lover Harmony Bancroft I am awell-established, discreet professional - please do your research prior to reaching out. Jan 9, 2021 2021 January Grand Sumo Tournament 1st & 2nd Day's Matches NEW! Osaka Sumo tournaments are held only during the month of March. Several people from the audience will be picked to dress in a funny sumo suit (don't worry, you will not need to take off any clothes) and challenge the former stars in a duel. By around 8am, the last of the same-day tickets will be sold. Head up to the third level. Wishing everyone around the world a quick and complete recovery!! Here, you will be taken to Kehayaza, a sumo museum and ring, where you will be treated to the full sumo experience. 1. Usually, they’ll offer them to anyone with a foreign face. Sites Visits: Okinaya Sohonpo, a 6th Generation family-owned Japenese sweets maker, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Ohmi-cho Fish Market, Textiles Plant, and Grand Sumo Tournament. Grab one of these. The venue is “Bodymaker Colosseum”, the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium. Sumo is Japan’s national sport. At around 7.45am, they start selling the same-day tickets. Osaka is known as The Nation’s Kitchen and there are plentiful food and hotel options near the venue. Upon entering the arena, you’ll be greeted by the awesome sight of the dohyo (ring) and the ceremonial roof above it. Also note that every person in your party must have their own seiriken (so be sure to get one). Final Day; The January Tournament: … Then, do some sightseeing. On sumo tournament days, there will be colorful flags in front of the stadium (each flag represents a wrestler competing in the tournament). Professional sumo tournaments are held in Japan six times per year, once in every odd-numbered month. The venue for Daito Club's sumo experience, which we’ll be talking about today, is a place called Active Square Daito. The official tournament is held six times in a year, three in Tokyo (January, May and September) and one each in Osaka (March), Nagoya (July) and Fukuoka (November). And then return to the arena around 4pm, which is when the upper-rank wrestlers enter the arena. Sumo is an ancient Japanese sport that is related to Shinto. Walk to the third street and take a left. The experience allows guests to learn about sumo traditions and culture with an English-speaking tour guide (expert in sumo wrestling) while watching one of the most exciting sports in Japan. So, it’s better to look for truly open seats. Sumo Experience in Osaka Sumo is an ancient Japanese sport that is related to Shinto. S umo wrestling in Japan is a traditional sport full of ritual and ancient customs. At around 7.20am, workers come around and hand out seiriken (number tickets). This is a dodgy practice, but it’s kind of hard to remove the stuff and sit there, because you’ll be waiting for those people to return and worrying that they might be giant hulking gangsters. How To Get A Reply From Me *TEXT 5176040048 If you’re going to be in Japan in mid- to late March, you can see sumo in Osaka. Sumo Training Experience. Expect raucous cheers for any wrestlers from the Kansai region. There are also small sections at the very end of each side of the third level with no seats, where you can sit on the floor. If you’re coming from Kyoto, you can take an early kaisoku or shinkaisoku train on the JR line (these start running just after 5am), or you can jump on the first Haruka airport express train (which departs Kyoto at 5.45am on both weekdays and weekends/holidays). You can also have a chanko nabe in the nanba area afterwards. ! Sumo was a shinto ritual conducted to pray for a good harvest season.... Sumo Experience in Kyoto for Kids | Kyoto, Japan Activities - Lonely Planet Search Lonely Planet