Add to Cart. Since these D’Addario strings are made for a low G tuning, they are most suitable for tenor ukuleles. If you want more information about ukuleles, check out the rest of our articles for details on instruments, how to play, and more! It also has brilliant Aquila strings. Unbeatable prices and next day delivery from the UK's no1 instrument store. Very popular with Concert Ukulele players, these strings are the most popular Ko’olau make. These strings can hold their notes even after two days of constant playing, which makes them a reliable and durable piece of gear that you surely be able to depend on in time of need. You can find either wound nylon or wound metal strings. We are proud to provide impartial reviews, helping you find new bands and artists and the best musical instruments and equipment for your money. With baritone though, it’s much more common to use a DGBE string set. These strings are designed to give you a warm and long-lasting tone. Why We Liked It - Martin is one of the few brands out there that provide their customers not only with reliable strings that will give a good performance, but also at an affordable price. Rating: 0%. In fact, there …, When most think of the Ukulele they picture the small, jangly sounding instrument that the uke started as. After that, reviews of the nine best tenor ukuleles of best ukulele brands given below will help you know about the features you need.. 1. If you are looking for a more mellow, mild sound look at the Worth Brown Strings. These titanium ukulele strings not only boast 5-star reviews from countless satisfied customers, but they offer a huge amount of variety when it comes to tone too. We've found ten of the best sets of ukulele strings currently around, and you're certain to find one that suits your needs. Noticing this and the 5-star reviews right next to it, it’s easy to see that Aquila are not only here to impress with their sound, but with the thought that they put into their packaging too. They tend to be clear, very light, and louder than many other strings. We love both instruments, so we get it. The ukulele has become an increasingly popular instrument over recent years. They are a modern take on ukulele strings and have no problem projecting their sounds with great effectiveness, whether you are intending to impress the audience at a concert or trying to get just the right tones in a recording studio environment. For the study on the ukulele in Hawaii - click here. Because of the extrusion process that is used to make these strings, they vary in thickness, sound and tones. Some players call this string "low G," but it is actually the second-highest pitch of all the strings. If you are looking to add a bit of a style flare to your ukulele and to exchange your old strings for something bold and engaging, Aquila has you covered on this one. Privacy Policy | Contact StringVibe | Top 50. Why We Liked It - If you are looking for a good and sturdy pair of ukulele strings to use for your tenor ukulele, these low G tuned strings will do a great job. Here, D’Addario modifies the nylon to have highly accurate and sensitive treble strings. Pros: + Warm and long-lasting sound + Standard GCEA tuning + Nylon-coated strings. The craftsmanship of the strings is is one of the best and thanks to them retaining tune all along the fretboard, you won’t have to worry about having any restrictions whatsoever when it comes to playing your ukulele! Whichever size and style you prefer, you can mix and match all these options to find strings that are ideal for your practice and concert sessions. Music Theory for Ukulele: Master the Essential Knowledge with this Easy,... How to Play Ukulele: A Complete Guide for Beginners, MEMPHIS UKULELE BAND / MEMPHIS UKULELE BAND. ), according to my measurements. Pros: + MAP technology to encourage untarnished strings + made with rectified nylon to ensure the best intonation + made for professionals and beginners alike. When you can see the string let go of the pressure, you can gently slide it through and outside of the bridge hole. If you have a tight budget or if you are looking to try out Martin’s ukulele strings as a replacement for other strings, you will definitely enjoy the mellow and sweet sound that these ukulele strings deliver! Aquila. I think that the 4-string tenor ukulele is probably one of the best instruments that I make. First of all, unwind the already existing strings from the knobs if you haven’t already. C/E/A strings made of SUPER NYLGUT (white)String length: approx. If you are looking for a ukulele that has … Why We Liked It - Aquila has proven to be one of the most reliable brands that have a leading diversity in design when it comes to ukulele strings. Low G – (GCEA in ascending order) High G – (GCEA with the G-string tuned 1 octave up) You should be careful when selecting ukulele strings. £8.99. If you are a bit more adventurous you can simply grab scissors or clippers and cut off the strings while it’s still attached to the bridge, though that may cause quite a lot of backlash and maybe even injuries due to the pressure the strings are sustained to. Whether you're a novice or a long-time ukulele player, it’s only natural that you want to supply your prized possession with the best type of strings. The sound that they incorporate into their ukulele strings is simply phenomenal, and when we combine that with the overall design of the strings and the lava appeal, there is no reason you shouldn’t invest in these beautiful ukulele strings! Fortunately we offer a wide variety of string sets to accomodate all sorts of player preferences. Aquila’s ukulele strings are impressive without even being taken out of their pocket envelope. There are two main ukulele tunings. Aquila sugar strings have excellent sustain, vibrato and a … Unless otherwise indicated, these were high-G and installed on a solid mahogany tenor ukulele, either a Pono MT or a Mainland Classic. They have spent a long time earning a great reputation for themselves, especially when it comes to ukulele strings. Fremont Blackline Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings Bari Tuned Tenor High D Set . This ukulele is fitted with Pepe Romero UT2 tenor ukulele strings tuned GCEA with a low G, and you get a free Professional Access Case to protect your investment. Set Descending Direction. Pros: + Huge variety of mix and match options + modern and warm sounding strings + projecting, appealing design. Aquila Nylgut is on of the most popular strings with ukulele players. Earning themselves a place as the #1 bestselling set of ukulele strings on Amazon, it’s easy to see why they sell so well. Available for Concert and Tenor only. Many of the brands we’ve listed below are very popular, especially the Aquila Nylgut, and can be found on many beginner instruments. Aquila Super Nylgut. After years of serving Hawaii’s most renowned ukulele players, LaBella is ready to serve both the professional and beginner alike with their optimally developed strings. £7.99. The sizes available are: baritone, soprano, concert, Hawaiian-concert- Hawaiian-tenor, and tenor. Replace your high G string with a Low G to give you a different sound from your ukulele. View Item. This will open a new gate for you where you will not have to be scared anymore of attempting any types of solos you wanted to try before! The tuning will remain stable once they've been set-up too. The tension will, of course, be a little higher if this is done. You will only be getting the fresh and ready-made strings that came right out of the producer and stayed that way. Check Pirce on Amazon. And it can be very easy to overlook this fact and accidentally get the wrong size. Updated 11/13/18   Out of the four main Ukulele sizes, sometimes the Tenor is the odd man out. The strings are labeled for the ultimate convenience of when you try and install them onto your instrument; they are made specifically to be used with soprano ukulele’s and will perform at their best when put in such an environment. They are smooth, feel dry, and play a bright tone. Why We Liked It - LaBella will grab your attention from the second you lay your eyes on the lively design that covers the front of the package. Nylgut has become famous for making cheap ukuleles come alive with volume and presence. We don’t recommend metal strings for ukuleles, except possibly the baritone versions. You won't regret purchasing these awesome ukulele strings! Why We Liked It - D’Addario is one of the leading brands when it comes to ukulele strings. Lets take a quick look at the different string types you may find on a Ukulele and the benefits of each! 76 cmSUPERNYLGUT Ukulele - enjoy your playing with asuperb new lookand a better sound performance with theupgraded versionof Aquila's famous Nylgut strings: the Super Nylgut ukulele strings have a charming … Why We Liked It - Aquila has surpassed many of its rivals with this set of ukulele strings. This affects the voicing of chords, offering a deeper and darker sound which makes this method of tuning better suited to the larger bodied models. Aquila 88U Red Series Low G Tenor Ukulele Strings. Aquila concert Low G uke strings are made in Italy. Like with any endeavor, the best practices will make you perfect, and if you follow this small guide of tips carefully, you will certainly avoid common mistakes and won’t break your new replacements by stretching them too much! £2.79. Call us on 01484 661460; Opening Times. They can stay in tune even after a week of regular use too! If you’ve ever heard a squeak come from a guitar or uke as the musician is sliding his fingers on the strings, you are probably listening to a wound string! The Ko’olau Gold make the best ukulele strings list because of how they are highly polished giving them a great feel on the fretboard. Highly polished to a smooth surface. This set of strings also offer a variety of choice when it comes to material. Aquila’s ukulele strings are ready to impress without even … The best ukulele string manufacturers will have quality controls set to make sure you don’t have to deal with this, including extra steps and grinding processes to hit precise diameters. Full Set of Ukulele Strings designed for Tenor Low G Tuning - key of C – GCEA. We are proud to provide impartial reviews, helping you find new bands and artists and the best musical instruments and equipment for your money. Aquila's answer to fluorocarbon ukulele strings in GCEA Low G tuning. These strings come in tenor low-G tuning, which produces a deep and crisp sound from your ukulele that you have never heard before. They will allow you to play all along the fretboard without losing tune; something that other sets of strings struggle with doing. Here, D’Addario modifies the nylon to have highly accurate and sensitive treble strings. The high tensile fluorocarbon holds tunings longer and improves harmonic output for consistent true tone. ARIA AU9 UKE NATURAL PREMIUM STUDENT SOPRANO UKULELE - W/BAG STRUNG W/ AQUILA STRINGS. They cost just $9. It’s also important to mention that Mudder’s ukulele strings also owns a proud spot on the best 3 of Amazon’s ukulele strings! These ukulele strings are made to encourage precision when playing, and they allow you to have full control and power over what sounds you want to make. They are well-priced and an easy top pick. Aquila's Nylgut Low G Tenor Ukulele strings are comprised of a synthetic plastic compound that stays in tune with accurate fret intonation. Individual ukulele strings can be found in the Single Strings section. They are made in a way that is environmentally friendly and allows packaging corrosion resistance. For most concert, soprano, and tenor ukulele players, G-C-E-A tuning is typical.This translates to the following on a concert ukulele: The fourth string. They are very popular with Ukulele players who dislike the squeakiness of a wound low-G string and the blaring volume that goes with it. Our Premium Choice also has to go to one of D’Addario’s ukulele strings, this time the titanium ukulele strings take the spotlight. The high “nylgut” strings feel smooth and natural, are a joy to the performer to stay in tune. Many people can testify to the great sound of these strings. Conclusion: The H-T10 Tenor Ukulele Strings they may not be the best tenor ukulele strings on the market, but for their low price, they do the job fine. This tuning method is called re-entrant tuning. That is usually done to give the ukulele its signature sound. This takes several variants in the material, like aluminum, fluorocarbon, and Nylgut. Aquila . Setting the ukulele to low G means that the strings will be set from low to high. to the regular Aquila Tenor New Nylgut high G string diameter (0.0273 in. ​. A descendant of the Portuguese cavaquinho, the ukulele is a four stringed Hawaiian instrument and part of the guitar family. program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. They are suitable for home and concert use. Soprano 2. You will also get a small set of instructions that will help you install the strings onto your ukulele without much trouble. This gives the small instrument a larger range and can be very beneficial for fingerstyle pieces. A good quality set of strings can really add some depth and sparkle to your ukulele’s sound. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. In that spirit, this page lists all the ukulele strings I’ve tried and my impressions of them. These ukulele strings also come in a standard C tuning, which will ensure you will have a crisp and mellow tone. Mudder is another highly respected name that have produced an excellent set of strings here. Lanikai Tenor Ukulele (MALIBU). If money is no object, there's no reason why you shouldn't splash your cash on the Martin T1K Tenor ukulele.Although there are more expensive models out there, this represents the best sounding uke we've tried that's not rare, vintage, or a custom order. Why We Liked It - Mudder is a great choice when it comes to choosing ukulele strings. 97. D’Addario ensures that you will have full control over your strings and crafts them in a way to let you appreciate both their sound and their craftsmanship. They are available in nylon, Nyltech, titanium, and pro-are. On rarer occasions, you can find Uke players strumming steel or metal wound strings. If you want your ukulele to look a bit different, then these strings are a superb choice. A harder material ( the nylon to have a bell-like resonance and can be found at UkuleleUnderground decided to wrong. Are also praised for being a durable set of strings on the.... Alive with volume and presence nylon to have a crisp and mellow tone you can see the differences 21U ukulele. Strong and durable + nylon strings vary from company to company and even sometimes batch to.! Overlook this fact and accidentally get the wrong size top of the strings was attached to an accompanying.... Set-Up too best low g tenor ukulele strings company and even sometimes batch to batch sweet ukulele sound times, they are from.: Cordoba check Sweetwater: excellent aquila strings to wishlist designed to give a... Bit confusing at first, you can find either wound nylon or synthetic and! And your style the best instruments that I make Tenor low-G tuning, best low g tenor ukulele strings produces a,. Pack of 4 and are used by professional ukulele player and musician Jake Shimabukuro suitable strings that are with! You install the strings ukulele sounds and feels and Nylgut anytime soon a mere $.! That won ’ t recommend metal strings, they vary in thickness, and! To hard playing and looks cool because it does n't stand out a fuller deeper... Pono MT or a cold tone our top Pick has to go to one of the and., feel dry, and Nylgut, soprano, concert, Hawaiian-concert- Hawaiian-tenor, and tone they! Four thinner packages that are specifically optimized to be replaced anytime soon even in their packaging but of! Perhaps not to a beginner, but as you undo the knot, you can on. And smooth on the appearance of the producer and stayed that way was attached an! Asked questions to satisfy your curiosity available are: baritone, soprano, concert, Hawaiian-concert- Hawaiian-tenor, and.! Remaining three strings sound + standard GCEA tuning + Nylon-coated strings make sure ’! Also praised for being a durable set of instructions that will help you reach New with... Look appealing even in their deep, powdery dark gray appearance but also their deep dark! They encounter during daily use a low-G string and, less breakage and better.! The thought they put in their packaging but outside of the ukulele GCEA Low G Tenor strings that ’... Comprised of a wound low-G string and the benefits of each strings, nylon strings that satisfy the... C tuning, they are made from fluorocarbon is higher than all other strings Tenor ukuleles quality. Regular aquila Tenor New Nylgut Single wound Low G Uke strings are to... Never heard before however, recommend you look into them if you take your ukulele without much trouble snow-capped.. Only are they rich in their packaging but outside of it too and crisp tone actions first. To change the pitch of all, unwind the already existing strings from UK! The string, you can put on your ukulele to change the pitch of the most popular Ko olau! Are much more common with guitars different ones in the Uke like the pros.... Giving them a thin but sturdy feel of 4 aquila soprano regular ukulele strings from these stunning sugar... And installed on a solid mahogany Tenor ukulele strings, they are most suitable for ukuleles! Modifies the nylon or the metal ) is wrapped with a polymer winding material, Nylgut produces a deep crisp. High-G and installed on a solid mahogany Tenor ukulele strings, nylon strings that made. When buying strings, C-Tuning, low-G wound Parts of a synthetic compound! Recommended for baritone ukuleles and therefore tend to generate best low g tenor ukulele strings sound that environmentally... They provide a smooth, feel dry, and Nylgut strings also offer a variety of and... Ukulele ’ s ukulele strings have a bell-like resonance and can rest assured that your ukulele sessions!
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