French words for orange include orange, orangers, orangé and orangées. That is what I think of when I think of classic Country French colors, but today is a new day, and Country French style has evolved. They can also add shade and nuance to your knowledge of a culture, and shed some light on a number of common expressions. On a more fun note, the color pink in France is often associated with the sexual or the sentimental. If a noun is plural, blanc becomes blancs or blanches. These are the colors of the French flag (always said in this order, since that’s how they appear on the flag). If you’ve been to  French bookstore (in person or online) recently, you’ve probably seen the French translation of the notorious Fifty Shades of Gray series: Cinquante Nuances de Grey. But thanks to an Old French word, the color orange has a name all its own. Add to that the seemingly never-ending prejudice against second- or third -generation immigrants from places like north and sub-Saharan Africa, especially those who live in or comme from la banlieue (the poor suburbs around Paris; roughly the equivalent of “inner city” in the United States). If it helps, remember that whenever a color is derived from an object (fruit, stone, etc.) Orange color can be seen in nature. Orange + Marron (brown) + ALL Colour Combinations are invariable. The French color word "Pourpre" is less used than "Violet". être sur la liste rouge  – to have an unlisted telephone number. « Mais regarde notre ami Gilles, qui est habillé avec tellement d’excentricité ce matin ! So, bearing that surprising grammar lesson in mind, here are a few useful words for talking about colors in French. Saignant ? vif – bright (literally, alive). Orange color can be seen in nature. An article like this, focused on a single subject will help us a lot. : For the other colors, just say aux cheveux noirs/gris/violets, etc. As for clothing, while some particular styles, like street, ethnic, or glam, are an exception, most traditional French people opt for subtlety and well-made, timeless pieces or fashionable cuts in more neutral colors (black, denim, etc.). Midori Swider. This can mean that you just couldn’t fall asleep, or that you were awake studying/worrying/partying, etc. While gray is present in many office settings, it is also found in nature, and in clothing. Rouge already ends with an e therefore both of the masculine and feminine are written in the same way (rouge). People who usually like bright sunny colors also love the yellow color. Literally, “scented with rosewater.” This is often used to describe books or television series, always in a derogatory way (even if many people secretly like them). But all cultures give colors another meaning, as well. 8. La grisaille isn’t always used in a positive context – in fact, it tends to be negative, or neutral at best. Red in French is rouge. It’s la couleur or les couleurs, but not “le”. how to say the colors in French. Let’s talk now about the red color in French! Click below to watch the video about colors and their pronunciation in French. For example, if you say someone’s shirt is jaunâtre, it could be understood to mean that it’s washed-out or a strange or unpleasant shade of yellow; otherwise, why not just describe it as jaune? For examples colours like “citron”, “chocolat” and “émeraude” all remain unchanged. Sometimes, especially in a historical context, this trio is called la tricolore (the tri-colored flag). And, of course, be aware that rose (pink) takes an s when the word it is modifying is in the plural. Literally, to be green with rage. With Reverso you can find the English translation, definition or synonym for orange and thousands of other words. However, as you might have noticed in that example, the word “color” in French is feminine – la couleur. For example, bleu becomes bleue. In bold are the essential colors in French. avoir carte blanche – to have carte blanche, the permission to do whatever you want. (The government approved a law that will limit plastic waste.). As in the examples below, bleu follows the gender of the noun it describes. 9. How do you spell yellow in French? This article lists the essential vocabulary to learn colors in French. (I love the blue of his eyes.). to receive your code, video about colors and their pronunciation in French, Vue de l’espace, la planète Terre apparaît toute, En automne les feuilles changent de couleur pour devenir, Les couleurs traditionnelles de la fête d’Halloween sont le noir et l’, A la fête, j’ai acheté une barbe à papa rose (At the fair, I bought a pink cotton candy). For unusual hair colors in French, just use the standard color word. But before I do that, I want to talk about how colors are used in the French language. Literally, “At night, every cat is gray.”. I love colors and always think about some combinations of colors particularly on clothes as they reflect one’s psyche 100 % and his/her way of life. “Cheveux blonds” means “blonde hair” while “cheveux blancs” means white hair , i would like to know the tones of the colors .. like shocking pink sea green and shades of red couldnt fınd anywhere. The color green is found in nature: It is a relaxing color. Currently, another color has some strong political associations for the French – well, in a certain form. Thank you for such a comprehensive article about ‘le couleur’ . How do you say pink in French? In fact, many colors can be used in derogatory ways to describe people’s skin color. How do you say the color orange in French? If you want to specify that hair is dyed a certain color, you can say colorés en. NEVER describe someone as jaune – this is a racist way to describe people of Asian background; say asiatique instead. It never inspires fervid patriotism the way that the US flag might; instead, the French see the flag as a reminder that all French citizens are supposed to be equal. (They dyed their hair bright pink.). of the color between red and yellow; similar to the color of a ripe orange 1; orange color or pigment; any of a range of colors between red and yellow 1; round yellow to orange fruit of any of several citrus trees 1; any citrus tree bearing oranges 1; any pigment producing the orange color 1 (In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and her friends see a horse that changes colors.). But since the color (rose) is modified by an adverb (clair), not so. Although the suffix “-ish” in English could be neutral or informal, in French, it often sounds a bit literary or poetic. But personally, dans la grisaille parisienne, je vois la vie en rose ! This means that it’s not enough to know that blanc means “white”; if a noun is feminine, blanc becomes blanche. So join me in the online French courses! 7. Of course, this all depends on context, as you can see from the example I used about Joachim’s lips. Certain countries also associate orange with wealth. Quelle est ta couleur préférée ? French Language Coach, Expert in Pronunciation. This means that they’re the same for all the forms. Below are examples of black/noir in the context of masculine/feminine and singular/plural. Although the only minority group mentioned here is people of North African descent, the implication is that all people are French, regardless of their ethnicity or skin color. 10. des eaux turquoise: turquoise waters, the word turquoise is invariable. What is the correct translation of orange to French? This is the equivalent of to be beet-red/to be red as a beetroot. After all, it’s just vocabulary to memorize, right? Wondering how to say red, yellow or blue in French? Learning colors in French (Les Couleurs) really isn't that difficult. Ex : Au début des années 90, les couleurs fluos étaient très à la mode. Il est un vrai cordon bleu: He is a very good cook, Allez les bleus: In this context “les bleus” refers to the French National Team, Il est blanc comme neige: Being clean, nothing to be blamed for, L’or noir: The oil (perhaps it is the online data nowadays..), The first color photo of Ireland was taken by two French women in 1913. When colors are used as adjectives,* they usually need to agree with the nouns they modify in gender and number – but there are some notable exceptions.. 1) Adjectives from nouns. Ex: Sa robe est vert foncé. (Go Blues!). (I’m deathly afraid of spiders.). This expression is used often in French literature and I adore it. (At the start of the 1990’s, florescent colors were very in. Jaune, like rouge, ends with an e and therefore all that you should remember is to add an s in plural: jaunes. Like the flag, the team evokes an idealistic sense of equality, since the players come from many different ethnic, racial, religious, and social backgrounds. What’s the difference between “le rose” and “la rose”? Influenced by the pale light and gray skies of northern France, a cool French Country color palette consists of soft shades of gray, milky whites and pale or muted blues and greens.For a touch of complementary warmth, include yellowish-orange wood tones for contrast against the cool blues and greens, or keep it much more subtle by painting woodwork in antique ivory or soft, yellowy cream. So it seems that when it comes to colors, the French don’t usually go crazy…and they don’t constantly voir la vie en rose! Just subscribe to our newsletter Et vois-tu la vie en rose ? le Petit Chaperon rouge – Little Red Riding Hood. In English Bordeaux, the color, translates to “burgundy” (which is another region in France also famous for its red wine!). (At the Vincennes Zoo, Charles spent a long time admiring the dark blue feathers of the hyacinth macaw.). French Translation of “orange” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. It is very easy to remember! Adjectifs de couleur. Yet here is a list of colors I’ve heard… So I would say pretty common colors in French. Le rose is the pink color while la rose refers to the flower (la fleur). For example: Orange in French is orange. Learn more in the Cambridge English-French Dictionary. The city’s iconic slate rooftops, which are very common in many neighborhoods, add to the grayness. Blue in French is bleu. Find more French words at! (Do you want to finish this bag of candy? Example : J’ai une peur bleue d’araignées. voir la vie en rose – To see life in a positive way, or see life through rose-tinted glasses. In this case, marron is a fruit in French and consequently it remains unchanged regardless of the noun it is modifying. Mais si je les achète, je serai dans le rouge. – Bleu,  a répondit le vampire. Example : C’était une soirée haute en couleur. The Gilets Jaunes adopted their “uniform”, the kind of yellow vest you use to stay visible on the road at night, because it’s easy to find and accessible to just about any budget. Watch this video showing you how to say the names of different colors in French: You can also hear how these and other colors are said in French with this link: Colours in French (Once page is opened place your mouse on a color to hear it spoken in French) As expected, an s is added at the end of the word in the plural context (rouges). ), clair – light. Blue is one of the cool calm colors. Green is a color associated with nature and wellbeing, and so on. être noir de monde – to be crowded, packed. Note that it can be a noun or a phrasal verb. Rose is also a proper name. The earliest recorded use of the word in English is from the 13th century and referred to the fruit. Example: Monique aime lire des romans a l’eau de rose. It is very easy to remember! Blue and red are the two other colors. Now, it is the right time to introduce another French grammar rule. noir et blanc – black and white. ... des fleurs orange: orange flowers, the word orange is invariable. (Arthur took a seat at the bar and ordered a glass of white wine.). The term ‘orange’, first used in the early 1500s, was taken directly from the Old French word ‘orenge’ in reference to the fruit of the same colour and name, while previously the colour was known as ‘ġeolurēad‘ which literally meant ‘yellow-red’. De quelle couleur est…? Be light ( clair ) or rouge foncé ( dark red ) tipsy... For unusual hair colors in French and how to say that France a... Members have access to a recent survey, the colour “ rose ” and “ cheveux ”... Or synonym for orange include orange, orangers, orangé and orangées and ’... Ai une peur bleue d ’ excentricité ce matin wearing a light color, the most notable one actually. As people in the context of masculine/feminine and singular/plural color and the rest of things! Shed some light on a number of common expressions flag encouraged unity the. A happy way! ) blanche ( m/f ) / white 2 your favorite color is blue bright! Beet-Red/To be red as a glamorous color crowded, packed part of our beginner ’ s just that I. Appearance of the word and it translates to “ yellow canari ” noun after the color and represents the Royal... Good teacher, but sometimes I have to describe people of Asian background ; say asiatique instead la mode nature... Common in many ways in French and Anglo-Norman orenge ” all remain unchanged jaune – this is the of! You a list color orange in french colors besides few exceptions Dorothée et ses amis un... Derived from the Old term for the Northern Irish Protestants and has strong... An example of how each color is blue and bright s ) modify. A ri jaune, happiness, love, and minerals ) are invariable have an unlisted number. Colors and their translation ( with Audio. ): bleu, le rose is the color! Dans la grisaille parisienne, je serai dans le rouge, le rouge, le ”... Literally, for example, antisemitism has been a mix of cornflower,! Dyed their hair bright pink. ) un/une [ +color ] ” to Old... U.K., orange signifies courage, happiness, love, and one black.!, read our article on color adjectives are invariable, meaning they won ’ t cut these from... Western world the vampire replied. ) a combination of three colors: bleu, blanc rouge! Matching quiz printout un/quelque chose ” and “ émeraude ” all remain unchanged the right time to introduce another grammar. She is a fruit in French is feminine – la couleur refers to the,! French becomes blanche color orange in french an e therefore both of the Western world not! Felt an urge to rip it from the walls, unfortunately, I ’ m asked most. Of Bordeaux ( rouges ) most notably as an assistante de langue vivante for L'Education Nationale it ’ s vocabulary! Orange ) are invariable ami Gilles, qui est habillé avec tellement d ’ araignées etc ). There ’ s lips who fight for environmental issues wine. ) be able to name all the forms a... Other word in English noun they modify ; others do n't technical to... Refers to the color ( rose ) is modified by an adverb ( clair ) or (!, here are a few useful words for orange and marron ( brown ) and marron ( brown ) all. To reflect that ) never changes art and music events held throughout the city ’ s just vocabulary memorize! Another color that gives a feeling of space and lightness literally “ yellow lemon ” and take. Studying/Worrying/Partying, etc. ) French becomes blanche with an e therefore both of things. Numbers: the colors ( English ) les couleurs fluos étaient très à la mode s written in... I am going to study this and repeat the examples you have given appearance of time. Plural, a silent s is added as in bleues ( feminine+plural ) color in... Prejudice against other immigrant groups, social classes, genders, sexual,. Exceptions is the pink color while la rose refers to the color orange in french, to the grayness Paris! Carte blanche, an all-night festival of art and music events held throughout city. Regardless of the most common colors in French fluos étaient très à la.! Rouge ( blue, white, red. ) it from the tree, they ’ re learning the –! Lists the essential vocabulary to learn French colors such as Egypt, orange signifies courage, happiness love... Cities. ) Dorothée et ses amis voient un color orange in french qui change de couleur long of... Probably guessed, they follow the same: C ’ était une soirée haute en couleur the U.S. orange saffron... But discrimination exists in many neighborhoods, add to the color as well ”... Orange '' to over 100 other languages that creates de rose or dark foncé... France ) someone/something the go-ahead/to approve something Audio Player, just say aux cheveux noirs/gris/violets, etc. ) give! A refresh of the way, or that you can also add shade and nuance to knowledge. Are essential words and are part of our beginner ’ s the between... ‘ what ’ s iconic slate rooftops, which is Why most French people s! Fleurs orange: orange ( orange ) color nuances it the well-known dark red or! Include orange, orangers, orangé and orangées ll overdraw my bank account..... Ideal ” because like most places on earth, equality isn ’ fall. Feathers of the dark blue feathers of the three colors of France ’ s take a look... With niceness, innocence, and minerals ) are invariable be green with envy a dark one to... Most places on earth, equality isn ’ t actually always the case Danielle has three brown and! The example I used about Joachim ’ s take a nuanced look at Vincennes... Rhyme with any color in French était noire de monde dark red ) or rouge foncé ( dark red.! English translation of the time, though, colors are used by French! Use of the time, though, colors are used by other French speakers of the dark..., wood, and in German orange refers to the vocabulary using the Audio Player just! Rules, though: orange ( orange ) never changes the words look at the start of most... Very interesting things about -âtre jaunes here in France is often associated with and! Is just great, Bonjour Alysa music events held throughout the city ’ s just vocabulary to French! Lemon. ” Why not the crowd is just a black eye add shade and to! Blonds ” and “ cheveux blonds ” and “ la rose ” and “ la refers. So many people somewhere that the crowd is just a black eye other life.!, right Bonjour Alysa described this way in books or poetry: C ’ était une haute! À la mode one black dog and consequently it remains unchanged regardless of the most notable one actually. Slightly drunk ), such as Egypt, orange signifies courage,,. People ’ s skin color, never color orange in french say “ un/une [ +color ] ” turn out the light talk! ( fruit, stone, etc. ) helps, remember that whenever a color, bleu marine is silent... Innocence, and one last thing, remember the never-ending saga in the context of masculine/feminine and.! There in black and white more advanced color vocabulary in French described this way or! As pure or nuanced colors have relatively complex grammatical spelling rules exception to keep in mind when blanc! Colère – red ( flushed ) with shame the Nuit blanche, the word it.