Lecturers of the medical schools and colleges usually warn new students that there is no way to succeed in studies if you mistime assignments or spend time on personal life. Still, students manage to graduate even with romantic relationship and falling behind. There are some common rules that will help you to study successfully and still be sane.

·         Avoid rote learning. Yes, every student crams something, however, what’s the point of it if you will forget everything in three days after exam? Learning means understanding – build connections between concepts to get a clear notion of the subject. And that considers anatomy and pharmacology also, though you might say that there everything depends on memorizing things. Do not be afraid to ask questions when you don’t understand something.

·         Do not study in groups. Usually such group activities end up with chatting and discussions of unrelated topics. Do not waste time, dedicate time to your friends separately from studying.

·          Stay focused. Get rid of everything that can distract you from studying. Yes, that means complete shutdown of your PC and lock smartphone in the cabinet. If there is something important you want to do, do it before studying, otherwise you will just waste your time.

·         Look through the old tests. Usually professors don’t bother changing tests a lot and there is a limited amount of question that can be asked about certain topic. Learn the concepts of questions.

·         Don’t become a crammer. There will be times when your test grades will be poor – there is not the end of the world, every student has such times. Having A in all subjects isn’t a guarantee that a student will become a great doctor, trust us. Just dedicate enough time on studying and everything will be great.

·         Theory is not everything. Look through medical journals and blogs to get acquainted with personal insights on medicine and hands-on experience of real doctors. Theory doesn’t create a clear notion of the subject, you need that personalized knowledge also.

·         Do not behave like you are a decent doctor, cause you are not.

·         Do not forget to rest from studying. Live normal life a least two days in a week to stay sane, communicate with friends and family, just relax.