Let us admit it, nowadays the Internet is the most helpful tool for students. You can find everything necessary for successful studying and we will help you with it. Here is a list of the most helpful sites for medical students that may come in handy.

Medical Recourse Websites:


·         Healthline. Specially designed search engine that searches the best websites dedicated to medicine – it will definitely shorten an amount of time dedicated to browsing the resources for the research.

·         Omni Medical Search. The best place where to search for hard to find medical resources.

·         MedNet – students search here for journals, associations and new sources of the information.

·         Hardin MD – this website provides info concerning general health topics and disease. Also it gives access to the online articles and photos.


Student Reference Sites


·         MedicalStudent – perfect spot to search for free online medical textbooks and useful links.

·         MedicalMatrix – more specialized website that proposes CME, medical journals an online textbooks.

·         FreeBookCenter proposes access to free e-books concerning Medicine, Computer Science, Networking and Web Technology.

·         NCBI Bookshelf. This site has a profound library of biomedical books as well as books dedicated to general medicine.

·         The Merck Manuals – free online healthcare books useful for doctors.


Student Life Websites


·         Bright Knowledge – real online guideline for students how to make career, succeed in education and in student life.

·         My Money Steps. This website contains useful information about students’ debts.

·         My Math Done. Math drives students crazy and they spend most of the time struggling with their math homework. With help of this website they will be able to handle these problems easily.


Student Money


·         Student Bank Accounts is a platform where students can compare top student bank accounts and choose the best one.

·         Buying Brain. Here students can find useful pieces of advice how to save money.


Student Jobs


·         My Resume Online. This website proposes up-to-date information concerning resume writing and the latest job hunting strategies.

·         Interview Questions and Answers.  The site provides helpful tips about interviews.


Student Accommodation


·         Rate My Roof. Students rate student housing here.

·         Move’m - reviews  of everything concerning student accommodation