1. The process of learning in medical college differs from the studying in average college or high school and it is necessary to be prepared for it. Remember, when you were studying at school, you had a possibility to skip some hours of studying or study by fits and starts and then snoozing on weekends. Medical students have no possibility to do so – moreover, if you think that you will be able to take a part-time job, as many students of ordinary colleges do - forget it. It would be advisable to think of the studying as about the job because it will take all your time.

Like any employee, you will have to get up, have your breakfast and go studying for all day long. The thing is, you will have to develop new studying habits that will help you to manage to learn everything and still have time to dedicate to your own needs – physical activity, communication with friends and family. Remember, studying in a medical college is a long journey so you will have to strain efforts to keep healthy mind and body.

2. Figure out the most effective way of learning for you. The first year in a medical college will pour out an informational waterfall on your head so it is essential to understand in what way you learn and remember things better. Some students prefer to study in groups, the others like to study alone. Some like to listen to recorded lectures, some prefer to read the notes taken during the lecture.

3. Retention and application of knowledge are not the same things. In most cases college students read information concerning a topic, retain it and then pass the test. After the test all knowledge is gone somewhere. Familiar situation? In medical college the information you learn everyday will be useful and used by you every day. That is why retaining here is replaced by learning and applying knowledge to the solving of practical questions.