The number of unique medical apps in the App Store grows in tens of times every year. Here is a list of the most helpful and popular apps among physicians and medical students.

·         Anestsiology i-pocketcards. This app can be used as a reference guide with classifications and algorithms of Anesthesiology actions.

·          MedCalc proposes an access to medical formulae and scores.

·         Drag Infusion. This app was specially developed for the ICU nurses or anesthesia providers to calculate exact doses of drugs.

·         Heart Pro. Gives a clear notion how heart looks like and how it works. It is possible to rotate the heart, cut it open and label components.

·         Little Dental Drug Book. Gives information on the most commonly used medication in this sphere.

·         Pocket Derm – with help of this app even the non-specialists will be able to check the condition of skin without consulting a doctor. There are more than 50 diagnoses with detailed descriptions and an ability to search by characteristics.

·         Epocrtes – It seems that this app is the most popular medical app that contains thousands of descriptions of drug products.

·         ECG Rhythms. This app teaches how to review electrocardiograms with help of 80 sample waveforms that scroll across the screen of your device.

·         Paramedic Protocol Provider. Total must-have to emergency personnel as here it is possible to find more than 200 field treatment protocols.

·         Eye Handbook. Assistant to ophthalmologists that proposes a calculator, list of medication and coding section. The app also proposes educational videos and lectures.

·         Top 200 Drugs Flashcards. Each card is dedicated to the one popular drug and incudes information about the trade and generic name, drug class, schedule specification and many other things.

·         Medical Encyclopedia. This free reference source is developed by the University of Maryland Medical Center and proposes description of more than 50,000 items.

·         The Merck Manual. The app contains detailed information about thousands of illnesses, treatments and various clinical approaches to them.