Students often wonder how to succeed in studies and to remain in control in their senses, as sometimes it turns out that they cannot focus on the studies, falling asleep in the middle of reading or rewriting lectures without understanding of the subject. Students need to develop some educational habits that will improve the quality of studies.

Here are some helpful tips that will assist you in retaining information and improving the level of studies.

1. Do not be nervous that you don’t get something. When you read and do not understand something, there is no need to worry, try to read the material for few times until it will be understandable for you. In case if it is hard to remember everything, try to check your knowledge with help of quizzes. For example, when you have completed studying of one section of anatomy, check your knowledge of the section you have studied before.

2. Do not get frustrated. Your calm is essential for the success of your educational process. Positive attitude is a key element, so stay calm, read the paragraph once again and again and you will learn it. it is essential to enjoy the very process learning something that is interesting to you.

3. Control yourself - any time you see that you are trying to avoid studying and try to regain the concentration on the subject.

4. Think of rewarding yourself for intense session of studying. That will help you to stay focused on reading, however, do not try to award yourself for minor accomplishments. For example, make a break after an hour of studying, drink coffee or tea.

5. Plan the schedule of studying. Create a to-do list what to learn today and stick to it. Just follow your calendar and be sure that you will keep up-to-date with work.

6. Be flexible. It is normal, when things you have planned change because no one can predict how your life will turn today. Just follow the rules 1 and 2.

7. Keep track of the condition of your body, because when you are hungry and tired, no knowledge will stick to your head. Sometimes it would be better to take a nap instead of studying and do not neglect physical activities – you will definitely feel better afterwards.