Experienced Lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in higher education. 2003 University of California - Santa Barbara M.A. Limitation on enrollment: None Lecture Hours: 54Lab Hours: NoneRepeatable: No Prerequisite: ENG 001A MATH 054 Prerequisite: GEOG 001 or concurrent enrollment Grading: Letter Transfer Status:CSU/UC Degree Applicable:AA/AS Vince Cronin from Baylor University replaces Rich Busch as author and editor of the 11th edition, along with the National Association of Geoscience Teachers, to bring a modern pedagogical, digital approach to the labs and a new narrative that supports the need of students to get . Within the Social Sciences program, students can earn an Associate of Arts degree in any of the eight disciplines and/or a Certificate of Achievement in Alcohol & Drug Studies. ehardy@collegeofthedesert.edu Opens in a new window. Lecture Hours: 54Lab Hours: NoneRepeatable: No Limitation on enrollment: None This course is intended for students majoring in the behavioral/social sciences or those interested in applied statistics. Advisory: SOC 001 & ENG 001A COD GE: C4b CSU GE: B4 IGETC: 2A, SOC 004Sociological Analysis& Critical ThinkingUnits: 3, This course provides instruction in the principles of critical analysis and the composition of reasoned, written responses to a variety of social issues. 2000 University of California - Berkeley M.S. Lecture Hours: 54Lab Hours: NoneRepeatable: No 5. 2000 California State University- Northridge M.A. Topics include the nature and extent of crime, victims and victimization, macro and micro theories of crime causation, crime typologies such as interpersonal violence, political crime and terrorism, property crime, enterprise crime, public order crimes, crimes of the new millennium, and inequalities such as race, class, and gender as related to crime. 1995 California State University - San Bernardino M.S. Grading: Letter Cultural anthropologists seek to understand the broad arc of human experience focusing on a set of central issues: how people around the world make their living (subsistence patterns); how they organize themselves socially, politically and economically; how they communicate; how they relate to each other through family and kinship ties; what they believe about the world (belief systems); how they express themselves creatively (expressive culture); how they make distinctions among themselves such as through applying gender, racial and ethnic identity labels; how they have shaped and been shaped by social inequalities such as colonialism; and how they navigate culture change and processes of globalization that affect us all. Lecture Hours: 54Lab Hours: NoneRepeatable: No COD GE: C3 CSU GE: C2 IGETC: 3B, PHIL 017Philosophy of ReligionUnits: 3, An in-depth examination of some of the significant commonalities and major differences among and between the three great monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Grading: Letter Advisory: None Lecture Hours: 54Lab Hours: NoneRepeatable: No Limitation on enrollment: None Emphasis is placed on the development of regional patterns through time and the processes responsible for the existing patterns. D 2021 California Southern University, KURT STRUWE (2017) Professor, Culinary ArtsB.S. COD GE: None CSU GE: None IGETC: None, College of the Desert JR JACKSON (1988-2012) Professor Emeritus, Developmental Education, PENNY S. JENISON (1999-2009) Professor Emeritus, History / Political Science, DORIS F. KELLER (1972-1987) Professor Emeritus, Nursing, ELISE KING (1996-2022) Professor Emeritus, Counseling, Counseling, JOEL L. KINNAMON (2012-2021) President Emeritus, CHARLES D. KROLL (2001-2014) Associate Professor Emeritus, History, PAULA N. KROONEN (1984-2001) Adjunct Instructor Emeritus, Japanese and ESL, WILLIAM R. KROONEN (1969-2001) Superintendent/President, JOHN B. LaFONTAINE (1996-2005) Assistant Professor Emeritus , Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, IRENE M. LARSEN (1995-2014) Professor Emeritus, Nursing, CAROL A. LASQUADE (2005-2015) Counselor Emeritus, Coordinator EOPS & CARE Programs, JAN B. LAWSON (1970-1994) Professor Emeritus, English, MARIAN T. LEE (1973-1981) Professor Emeritus, Mathematics, Copper Mountain Campus, JUAN LUJAN (1989-2012) Director Emeritus, Education Centers, PAUL MAAG (2000-2015) Counselor Emeritus, Alternative Media Specialist, DOUG A. MacINTIRE (2002-2015) Professor Emeritus, Physics and Computer Science, MICHAEL MANIS (1985-2010) Professor Emeritus, Business, ELEANOR MARTIN (1977-1989) Counselor Emeritus, ELIZABETH MARTIN (1979-1994) Professor Emeritus, Nursing, JOHN W. MARZICOLA (1972-1985) Professor Emeritus, Mathematics, DIANNE S. MATHEWSON (1992-2004) Professor Emeritus, Psychology, LISA MCFADDEN (1997-2022) Professor Emeritus, Counseling, Counseling, DONNA J. McLAIN (1968-1996) Professor Emeritus, Health, PE and Recreation, JOHN R. McMILLAN (1967-82) Director Emeritus, Admissions and Records Services, STEVEN R. McWILLIAMS (1971-2002) Professor Emeritus, Geography and Anthropology, MERLE E. MERRITT (1970-1995) Professor Emeritus, History, Copper Mountain Campus, GEORGE L. MEYER (1969-2002) Professor Emeritus, Geology, ALFRED D. MILLER (1971-1993) Counselor Emeritus, Copper Mountain Campus, DARRELL MILLER (1985-2016) Adjunct Instructor Emeritus, Culinary Arts, NANCY E. MOLL (2002-2019) Professor Emeritus, Geology, MATTEO MONICA III (1973-2006) Counselor Emeritus, Financial Aid, EDWARD A. MORANTE (1991-2005) Counselor Emeritus, LINDA A. MORANTE (1993-2005) Associate Professor Emeritus, English, LINDA A. MURPHY (2008-2012) Professor Emeritus, Nursing, HOVAK NAJARIAN (1966-1994) Professor Emeritus, Art, CHRISTOPHER E. NELSON (1996-2014) Coordinator Emeritus, Academic Skills Center, JOHN L. NORMAN (1962-1999) Professor Emeritus, Music, MICHAEL J. O'NEILL (1990-2008) Professor Emeritus, Special Education, Coordinator, DSPS, BETTY J. OEDING (1967-1992) Professor Emeritus, Nursing, JAMES C. ONEY (1970-1997) Professor Emeritus, Mathematics, ROSEMARY ORTEGA (1972-2005) Professor Emeritus, Developmental Education, REYNALDO F. ORTIZ (1978-2011) Counselor Emeritus, JAMES J. PARVIZI (2001-2017) Professor Emeritus, Mathematics, JERRY R. PATTON (2004-2012) President Emeritus, WILLIAM H. PIVAR (1971-1994) Professor Emeritus, Business, SAMUEL H. PLUMER (1975-1986) Counselor Emeritus, DSPS, RICHARD W. POST (1974-2007) Dean Emeritus, Resource Development/Assistant to the Superintendent/President, Dean - Applied Science & Business, Director - Vocational Education, DIANE N. RAMIREZ (1974-2011) Professor Emeritus, Special Education, Vice President Emeritus, Student Affairs, RICHARD W. RAWNSLEY (1999-2021) Professor Emeritus, English, VICTOR RIOS, JR. (1999-2016) Professor Emeritus, Sociology, BRETT ROMER (1964-2002) Professor Emeritus, Physics and Mathematics, Division Chair, Science and Mathematics, MARGARET K. ROSE (1994-2014) Professor Emeritus, Nursing, VIDA ROSSI (2007-2022) Professor Emeritus, English, DAVID SALTER (1975-2004) Professor Emeritus, Biology, HUSHANG SHAHIDI (1989-2020) Professor Emeritus, Economics and Finance, MARIA C. SHEEHAN (2001-2007) Superintendent/President Emeritus, GWENDOLYN J. SMITH (1980-1992) Professor Emeritus, Nursing, DOMENICO SOTTILE (1969-2010) Professor Emeritus, Italian and Spanish, KAREN TABOR-REGIS (1992-2019) Dean Emeritus, School of Mathematics & Sciences, JOHN C. TAMULONIS (1971-2004) Professor Emeritus, Automotive Technology, JACK R. TAPLESHAY (1986-2017) Professor Emeritus, Communication, TYRONE R. THOMAS (1990-2021) Professor Emeritus, Adult Basic Education, DONALD D. THOMPSON (1965-1996) Professor Emeritus, Physical Education, NORMAN THU (1975-2001) Professor Emeritus, Political Science, CHRISTINE J. TOMLINSON (1976-1982) Professor Emeritus, Music, MARY K. (CHRIS) TOTTEN (1994-2012) Professor Emeritus, Biology, RODERICK S. TRACEY (1984-2014) Professor Emeritus, Chemistry, DAVID VALENZUELA (2002-2016) Adjunct Instructor Emeritus, Art, ALLEN SCOTT VENTURA (2014-2021) Associate Professor Emeritus, Fire Technology, ANTHONY VERIVE (2003-2018) Adjunct Instructor Emeritus, Early Childhood Education, ANNE M. WALKER (1984-2005) Adjunct Professor Emeritus, Mathematics, DOUGLAS J. WALKER (1971-2005) Professor Emeritus Natural Resources and Entomology, Dean - Applied Sciences & Fine Arts, Division Chair - Applied Sciences, JOAN L. WALKER (2004-2014) Assistant Professor Emeritus , Nursing, HARRY WALTHALL (1962-1994) Librarian Emeritus, KENNETH A. Prerequisite: None 2019 Western Governors University ANDREW C. ALEMAN (2021) Instructor, Social Sciences & Art B.A. Limitation on enrollment: None 1994 California State University - San Bernardino M.B.A. 1994 California State University - San Bernardino, VERONICA DAUT (2016) CounselorB.A. (C-ID ANTH 150) Prerequisite: PS 001 Topics include historical, cross-cultural, and societal forces and change that influence gender socialization, expectations, and practices with an emphasis on social institutions and some focus on global contemporary trends. 2004 University of California - Santa Barbara Ph.D. 2007 University of California - Santa Barbara, KURT M. LEUSCHNER (1999) Professor, Natural ResourcesB.A. 1995 Bradley University M.S. Prerequisite: SOC 001 Limitation on enrollment: None 1978 University of Nebraska M.A. (C-ID GEOG 111) Lecture Hours: 54Lab Hours: NoneRepeatable: No Traditional and contemporary theories are covered and applied to current events and issues. This survey course offers a foundation and preparation for additional study in psychology and social sciences, for understanding self and others, and principles of psychology to apply to daily life. Grading: Letter 2015 University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, MARIANA ZEPEDA (2017) Counselor, ESLNB.A. The department combines a humanistic concern for the quality and diversity of human life with a commitment to the empirical analysis of culture and society. Social Sciences majors find jobs in social service agencies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, libraries, probation departments, and correctional institutes. Advisory: None Linkedin. 2008 California State University - Long Beach, DUSTIN S. CULHAN (2005) Professor, MathematicsB.S. 2011 Northern Illinois University, MICHAEL HAMILTON (2020) Associate Professor, EconomicsB.A. 2005 California State University - Fullerton M.A. Sociology Instructor Tenure-Track College. 1997 California State University - Dominguez Hills, STEVEN L. HOLMAN (2019) Dean, School of Mathematics & SciencesA.S. Grading: Letter 1981 University of California - Los Angeles M.A. 2004 California State University - San Bernardino M.S.W. 2005 University of California - Santa Barbara, MARTIN FLORES (2019) Instructor, Cyber Security B.S. COD GE: C2 CSU GE: D0 IGETC: 4J, An application of sociological principles and concepts in an analysis of the family, religion, education, minorities, crime and delinquency, urban society, industry, and politics. 2015 California State University - San Bernardino, KIMBERLY S. DOZIER (2005) Professor, EnglishB.A. COD GE: C2 CSU GE: D1 IGETC: 4A, ANTH 003Archaeology, Introduction to PrehistoryUnits: 3, This course is an introduction to the study of concepts, theories, data and models of anthropological archaeology that contribute to our knowledge of the human past. The foundational statistical concepts learned in this course will help lead to academic success in statistics courses. Please refer to AB 705 (under How do I enroll in courses at COD?) 2007 Florida State University Ph.D. 2011 Florida State University, RUTH M. NOLAN (1999) Professor, English CompositionA.A. How do I become a student at COD? 1991 Arizona State University Ed.D. 1995 Claremont Graduate University, JORGE PEREZ (2016) Assistant Professor, MathematicsB.S. Transfer Status:CSU/UC Degree Applicable:AA/AS Prerequisite: None YouTube. Limitation on enrollment: None 2. 2005 California State University - San Bernardino M.A. 1988 University of California - Santa Barbara M.A. COD GE: C2, C3 CSU GE: C2, E IGETC: 3B, PHIL 014Introduction to EthicsUnits: 3, A systematic examination of the concepts of moral right and wrong and the application of moral principles and/or virtues in the attempted resolution of significant moral difficulties. Transfer Status:CSU/UC Degree Applicable:AA/AS Renata Holod is College for Women Class of 1963 Term Professor Emerita in the Humanities, History of Art Department; and Curator, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, both at the University of Pennsylvania. Prerequisite: None 1975 California State University - Fresno Ph.D. 1982 University of Arizona, ANTHONY FESMIRE (2008) Professor, MusicB.M. Prerequisite: None Transfer Status:CSU/UC Degree Applicable:AA/AS YouTube. Transfer Status:CSU/UC Degree Applicable:AA/AS 2004 California State University - San Marcos M.A. COD GE: C2 CSU GE: E IGETC: None, PSY 009Psychology of Prejudice and DiscriminationUnits: 3, This course focuses on the psychology of stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination. System Downtimes Attention Potential Downtimes for Self Service and WebAdvisor are as follows: 12:01am - 1:00am : Monday - Saturday 12:01am - 4:00am : Sunday 1998 California State University - Fullerton M.S. 1993 California State University - Northridge M.A. 2008 University Southern California, MEREDITH DILLON (2017) Professor, KinesiologyB.S. Advisory: None Advisory: ENG 001A & PS 001 BEST (1997-2022) Professor Emeritus, Applications Information Systems, BARBARA A. BOLAOS (1971-1995) Professor Emeritus, Sociology, PAUL D. BOWIE (1970-2006) Professor Emeritus, Biology and Botany, MARY A. BOYD (1989-2012) Professor Emeritus, Reading, WAYNE E. BOYER (2005-2015) Director Emeritus, Nursing and Allied Health, JUDITH BRAE (1988-2006) Counselor Emeritus, Physical Disabilities, CATHLEEN M. BRANT (1991-2003) Professor Emeritus, English, FAYE R. CASTILLEJA (1972-1994) Professor Emeritus, Nursing, JOHN R. COEFIELD (1963-1995) Professor Emeritus, Health, Physical Education and Recreation, JOHN COLLIGAN (1987-1999) Professor Emeritus, English and Reading, Copper Mountain Campus, JUDITH E. COOK (1994-2021) Professor Emeritus, Art, LUIS CORONA (1975-2000) Counselor Emeritus, JOHN D. CRAIG (1972-1983) Professor Emeritus, Engineering, Copper Mountain Campus, BUFORD CRITES (1976-2006) Professor Emeritus, Speech, MARGARET A. CURRLIN (1975-1986) Professor Emeritus, Developmental Education, LARRY M. DaSHIELL (1974-2006) Professor Emeritus, Auto Mechanics, RITA R. DEAN (1973-2004) Professor Emeritus, Developmental Education, MILFORD C. DECKER (1996-2012) Professor Emeritus, Computer Information Systems, CLAUDIA F. DERUM (1997-2021) Reference Librarian Emeritus, Library and Learning Resources, DENISE DIAMOND (2002-2021) Professor Emeritus, English, MARCELINO DIAZ, JR. (1972-2005) Counselor Emeritus Coordinator EOPS & CARE Programs, WALLACE G. DOHMAN (1969-1992) Professor Emeritus, English, Copper Mountain Campus, RALPH DORRE (1996-2011) Adjunct Instructor Emeritus, English, STEVE E. DOSTAL (1985-2018) Professor Emeritus , Mathematics, KAREN DOSTAL (1985-2006) Professor Emeritus, Mathematics, DAVID EINSTEIN (1994-2012) Adjunct Instructor Emeritus, Art, SAUNDRA EMERSON (1999-2007) Dean Emeritus, Health Sciences and ECE, ROBERT F. ESCUDERO (1974-1987) Professor Emeritus, Spanish, JONATHAN D. FERNALD (2021-2020) Profesor Emeritus, Library and Learning Resources, CHARLES B. FLATT (1964-2001) Professor Emeritus, Sociology and Philosophy, ELIZABETH B. FRINCKE (1977-1998) Professor Emeritus, Drafting & Interior Design, LEANORA R. FURR (1962) Professor Emeritus, English, JOSEPHINE G. GALLEGOS (1967-2001) Director Emeritus, Vocational Education, FRANK J. GARCIA (1968-1998) Professor Emeritus, Health, Physical Education & Recreation, DAVID A. GEORGE (1986-2021) Professor Emeritus, Business, DEEANN GERKEN (1992-2006) Professor Emeritus, Nursing, RICHARD O. GILLICK (1975-1987) Director Emeritus, Business/Institutional Services, Copper Mountain Campus, THOMAS L. GILLMAN (1989-2015) Professor Emeritus, Computer Sciences, RALPH T. GRANNAN (1973-1997) Professor Emeritus, Physics, CHARLES R. GREEN (1966-1997) Dean Emeritus, Student Services and Relations, WILLIAM A. GUDELUNAS (1990-2012) Professor Emeritus, Political Science and American History, EILEEN C. HACKETT (1993-2006) Professor Emeritus, Nursing, GEOFF HAGOPIAN (1989-2021) Professor Emeritus, Mathematics, KELLY HALL (2008-2019) Dean Emeritus, School of Social Sciences & Arts, CELIA C. HARTLEY (1992-1999) Professor Emeritus Nursing, Division Chair Health Sciences, Director of A.D.N, VN, C.N.A and EMT Programs, BEVERLY A. HARTNETT (1968-94) Professor Emeritus, Nursing, SANDRA D. HAUF (2006-2022) Professor Emeritus, Counseling, CYNTHIA HAY (2000-2014) Associate Professor Emeritus, Nursing, FRANCIS J. HEDQUIST (1970-1991) Professor Emeritus, Psychology, STEPHANIE HERRINGTON (1999-2015) Adjunct Instructor Emeritus, Early Childhood Education, DEAN W. HOOVER (1973-1992) Professor Emeritus, Reading, JAMES M. HOPP (1974-2001) Professor Emeritus, English, CHERYL HOUSTON (1981-2017) Adjunct Instructor Emeritus, Kinesiology, KATHLEEN HUDGINS (2006-2014) Associate Professor Emeritus, Nursing, JOSEPH B. IANTORNO (1974-1986) Professor Emeritus, English, C.D.
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